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FT2000 Panadaptor now up and running

At long last I have a Panadapter of sorts up and running. I’m using a cheap DBTV RTL dongle plugged into the PC USB Port and feeding the DMU IF out “Scope Port” to the antenna port of the dongle. … Continue reading

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2 Element Cubical Quad for 10, 6 & 4

With the sudden improvement in conditions on 10 Metres lately hopefully marking the start of the present solar cycle, I desperately need a better antenna than the Carolina Windom. Don’t get me wrong as a general purpose antenna, it does … Continue reading

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Now starting to get the hang of Linux. My biggest concern was that i may not be able to run N1MM contest software under Linux. Tried running it under WINE but no joy. then decided to install VirtualBox OSE, installed … Continue reading

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MAudio Delta 44 Card Problems with Linux Solved

After much ‘faffing’ about I have now solved my problem with the Delta 44 sound card running under Linux. It turns out all I needed to do was install the alsa-tools software package. Once installed you will get an Envy24 … Continue reading

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Linux for the shack

Now installed Linux, Apache, MySql server in the shack using an old PC that was gathering dust in the corner if the shack on So far things are looking good. Ubuntu on my personal pc is working out well. … Continue reading

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Vox Circuit

I’ve decided to build a VOX for my audio audio in socket in my IC-746. After a quick google found this. Should be simple enough. Posted from WordPress for Android

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IF Amp

My Clifton Laboratories 9Mhz IF amp arrived today. Loads of SMD and a tiny cct board. This is going to be a challenge with my eyesight 😮

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