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First of all Happy New Year to anyone who may come across this BLOG.

For a long time now I have tried unsuccessfully to get CWDAEMON to work on my PC. I was just about to give up when I came across Winkey Server by OK2CQR. This is a very handy binary file which talks to the excellent K1EL Keyer. Now that I have this up and running any app that expects to talk to CWDAEMON on port 6789 will now find Winkey Server instead. This mean that any Linux app e.g. XLOG, CQRLog EEPKeyer etc just works without any fuss. This is great and has made my life so much easier. Anyone who would like to dry this handy utility should go to the CQRLog download page.

A few small niggles, Winkey server fails to initalise the keyer on first attempt, but always works on second attempt, no idea why but no big deal. Also it would be nice if Winkey Server could start on Linux startup and auto connect/initalise the keyer again no biggie maybe Petr could fine tune this if and when he gets time.




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A Radio Ham, mainly interested in Six Metres.
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8 Responses to Winkey Server

  1. Andy says:

    Hi Dave,

    Did you try ?

    Occasionally, I Google winkeyserver to see if anyone has tried my version, hence the reply only now!

    73 Andy, G4KNO

  2. Dave, G8FXM says:

    Hi Andy, I just tried your jWinkeyServer and it works flawlessly, many thanks for this. The only issues I now have is trying to create a file association with the .jar file. Linux Mint wants to open it with the Archive Manager for some reason. I’ve tried to create a new association but Java 7 Runtime is not on the list of apps I can create an association with, however right clicking on the file/link and selecting “Open With” does result in Java 7 Runtime being presented as an option for selection?

    • Andy says:

      Hi Dave,

      I also use Mint these days (used to use Fedora) – currently Mint 16 Cinnamon 2.0.14 32-bit, so I was able to investigate. If you right click and select ‘Open With’ -> ‘Other Application’, select the version of Java you want to run from the list (OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime in my case), but also click on ‘Set as default’. Click OK, and from now on double-clicking on jar files will invoke your selection.

      I also noticed that I had to manually make the file executable (right click -> Properties -> Permissions). I guess you found that already.

      It’s possible to make a desktop file and associate to an Icon to double-click on, but this tends to be a bit distro-specific, so I didn’t pursue that.

      Glad it worked OK. Let me know if you find any bugs!
      Andy, G4KNO.

  3. Dave, G8FXM says:

    Hi Andy, yes I had figured out the permissions bit 😉 and I did select right click and select ‘Open With’ -> ‘Other Application’, select OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime from the list, but for me I have no way to make it the default for .jar files ?

    • Andy says:

      Hi again!

      In that case, you have a couple of further options. Firstly, when I made java the default it added the following to “~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list”:

      [Added Associations]

      You could try manually adding this.

      Secondly, you could create a custom launcher from the desktop by right-click->Create a new launcher here… In the Command box type “java -jar /jWinkeyServer.jar”. You also get the option when it’s created to add it to the main Menu. You even get to choose your favourite icon :-).


  4. Dave, G8FXM says:

    Just upgraded to Mint 17. That seems to resolve all my Java file association problems. Only problem I now have is that jWinkeyServer won’t close ?

    • Andy says:

      Never seen that before. Since you didn’t mention it did it before the upgrade, I suspect it might be to do with the java version shipped with Mint 17. Can you e-mail me at g4kno.mail(at) It’s not ideal discussing via your blog. Andy.

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