An Alternative Unix Logger

I have been a CQRLog user for come time now but there are one or two things about it that annoy me e.g. no transvertor support. I have just come across DBLog by Pino, ZP4KFX. This looks really promising as it supports transvertor offsets plus NCDXF beacons and it integrates with WSJT. Pino’s website says “DBLog has been developed with PostgreSQL but could work also with MySQL”. Personally I’d prefer it to sork with MySQL mainly because I’m more familiar with it. Currently having problems installing it as it needs to see Gambas2. I could only find Gambas3 but it didn’t like that so I’m now consulting the support group. More anon if I manage to get it working.


About Dave, G8FXM

A Radio Ham, mainly interested in Six Metres.
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