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DX Atlas in Linux

I decided to try and install DX Atlas under Wine on my PC the other day and was surprised to find that it loaded perfectly. Flushed with success I tried VE3NEA’s Band Master also and that works fine too. Only one niggle, … Continue reading

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WooHoo, I’ve finally managed to get my Prolific USB-RS232 Serial Cable to work with Oracle VirtualBox. this now means I can participate in contests again using N1MM Contest logging software running in Microsoft XP as the host O/S in Oracle VirtualBox … Continue reading

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An Alternative Unix Logger

I have been a CQRLog user for come time now but there are one or two things about it that annoy me e.g. no transvertor support. I have just come across DBLog by Pino, ZP4KFX. This looks really promising as it supports transvertor … Continue reading

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Serial Ports on Linux

I’m having a nightmare trying to get some after market multi port serial cards working on my PC which I have recently reconfigured as a Linux Mint 14 only PC. The card I’m using worked perfectly under Windows, but Linux, now thats a different problem … Continue reading

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