Cloudlog update

Success, Nick at pignology had a second crack of fixing my log and now adif directly exported from HRD, upload into Hamlog’s Cloudlog ok. check it our at

There does seem to be a lot of similar services now coming onto the scene like for instance. Still don’t see how they can compete with Clublog.


About Dave, G8FXM

A Radio Ham, mainly interested in Six Metres.
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4 Responses to Cloudlog update

  1. has been around before

    Personally I’m sticking to a self hosted solution don’t trust others looking after my data.

  2. Dave, G8FXM says:

    Hi Peter, I’d agree with you if I had your IT skills 🙂 Probably stick with Clublog for a while yet.

  3. I’ll hopefully have a nice PHP application released in a couple of weeks with a simplistic install system, will try to blog some more about it at the weekend in-between doing contests 😀

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