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Cloudlog update

Success, Nick at pignology had a second crack of fixing my log and now adif directly exported from HRD, upload into Hamlog’s Cloudlog ok. check it our at There does seem to be a lot of similar services now coming onto the scene like for instance. Still don’t see how they can … Continue reading

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Delta Loop for 10, 6 & 4 Metres

I have been speaking to Vortex Antenna Systems regarding a possible Delta Loop antenna for 10, 6 and 4 Metres. They have modelled an antenna which is 2 elements on 10m and 6m, 4 elements on 4m. The minimum figures … Continue reading

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Cloudlog update

Received an email form Nick at claiming to have fixed the problem I had with my adif upload, but alas the problem is still there. I’m attempting to upload a standard ADIF file uploaded from Ham Radio Deluxe so … Continue reading

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First impressions of CloudLog, not very good. I uploaded my log and it used the wrong ADIF field to populate the QRG form each QSO. It seems to have loaded the QRG of my second VFO in all cases. Mostly … Continue reading

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Cloud based logging

RT @g7vjr Cloud-based logging tool. This seems very promising – I must try it out!

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