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Bands really buzzing today. Started off the day right by FINALLY working T32C on 20M then ZD9FT later this morning in between work. Snatched a few moments to listen to 15M this afternoon and managed to bag HS0ZIN. All new … Continue reading

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Carolina Windom Elavated

Finally after much procrastination I have managed to erect my 20’+ Scaffold pole and raised the far end of my Carolina Windom from 6′ AGL to approx 23′ AGL. Hopefully this should make a difference to how I’m received. Initial tests haven’t shown much difference … Continue reading

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HRD Plugins for WordPress

I came across a useful plugin today for WordPress that interfaces with your ham Radio Deluxe MySQL Spreadsheet. The first is from PA1JIM which can be found at The other is from M3SQL at definatly worth trying out.

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