Cobweb Antenna

While I’m waiting for my IF buffer amp and other bits to arrive, I turning my attention once more to my antenna. Having thought long and hard I am now decided to augment my Carolina Windom with a Cobweb for 14-18-21-24-28 Mhz. So I’m now on the hunt for Fibre Glass Fishing Pole Blanks. If anyone know s of a good source for these, let me know as eBay hasn’t revealed anything so far. I’m thinking of putting this on top of my SCAM mast below the rotator. at 8foot square it will be smaller than my 6Metre beam! I may then replace my Carolina Windom CWS80 for a CWS160 if I can somehow shoehorn it into the garden. Stay tuned.


About Dave, G8FXM

A Radio Ham, mainly interested in Six Metres.
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