IC-746 RX Out Mod

I’m thinking of taking the plunge an making a vew mods to my aging IC-746. One of the thinks I think I may need is an RX Antenna Output so I can share the antenna with a SDR reciever. Looking at the IC-7600 I see they use the approach below. Shouldn’t be hard to replicate, just need to figure out how I trigger the relay switching. More annon


About Dave, G8FXM

A Radio Ham, mainly interested in Six Metres.
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One Response to IC-746 RX Out Mod

  1. presidentpicker says:

    I was thinking about doing the same thing. The receive RF is available in IC-746 on the HRX cable going to J1 connector on the RF1 unit. I think this needs a splitter to properly isolate SDR and Icom. J1 one is very close to one of the vent grills so a thin cable can be run through it to an outside splitter hot glued to the back of the transiver.

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