HF Antenna Saga

The saga of trying to get my Carolina Windom CWS80 to load on 80M has come to and end. I blew the dust off an old MFJ-969 ATU I found in the shack the other day. After some careful adjustment I managed to achieve a 1:1 match on 80M. Flushed with success I tried it on all other bands and eureka! a 1:1 match on all bands 🙂 As it’s not an auto ATU it’s slightly inconvenient having to re-adjust each time I change bands, but I soon got used to that. A quick on air test managed to get good 59 reports around Europe on 40M, didn’t manage to raise anyone on 80M though. I’ll have to try and contact someone from GW6GW for a comparison test. Now I have a different problem to resolve, Sky Sat box TVI!


About Dave, G8FXM

A Radio Ham, mainly interested in Six Metres.
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