New Mast

My New MM0CUG mast has arrived and is now installed. Next job to run feeders to the mast and fit antenna.DSC05806

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HRD on Linux

Just for giggles I tried installing HRD v5.2438 on my Linux box and to my surprise it worked, kinda. My rig is talking to HRD via Wine port Com2 and PulseAudio works also. Logbook is complaining about a missing driver but I guess if i tweek WineTricks I could get that to work also. You certainly do learn something new every day šŸ˜.

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FT2000 Panadaptor now up and running

At long last I have a Panadapter of sorts up and running. I’m using a cheap DBTV RTL dongle plugged into the PC USB Port and feeding the DMU IF out “Scope Port” to the antenna port of the dongle. The FT2000 IF signal at this port is 69.450MHz which is no problem for the dongle. Currently using Gqrx software now need to integrate it to Rigctrl so I can synch mouse clicks with VFO activity. More anon.

Screenshot from 2015-07-22 12:17:10

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Winkey Server

First of all Happy New Year to anyone who may come across this BLOG.

For a long time now I have tried unsuccessfully to get CWDAEMON to work on my PC. I was just about to give up when I came across Winkey Server by OK2CQR. This is a very handy binary file which talks to the excellent K1EL Keyer. Now that I have this up and running any app that expects to talk to CWDAEMON on portĀ 6789 will now find Winkey Server instead. This mean that any Linux app e.g. XLOG, CQRLog EEPKeyer etc just works without any fuss. This is great and has made my life so much easier. Anyone who would like to dry this handy utility should go to the CQRLog download page.

A few small niggles, Winkey server fails to initalise the keyer on first attempt, but always works on second attempt, no idea why but no big deal. Also it would be nice if Winkey Server could start on Linux startup and auto connect/initalise the keyer again no biggie maybe Petr could fine tune this if and when he gets time.



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Spitfire over the G8FXM QTH

Spitfire over the G8FXM QTH

Spitfire over the G8FXM QTH, 24th August 2013. Now I wasn’t expecting that when I left the house that morning. This was his second pass over the Panshanger airfield near where I live, his first pass was much closer but I didn’t have my camera with me then.

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Contest Logger for Linux

Finally someone has decided to develop a serious contest logger for Linux. Check outĀĀ for the latest news and code drops. Personally I cant wait.

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LDG AT-600Pro Auto Tuner

Just taken delivery of a new LDG AT-600Pro Auto Tuner and I must say I’m delighted with it. I particularly like the ability to connect an interface cable from the AT-600 Pro to my FT2000D TX REQ socket. With this in place I can press the tune button on the Auto Tuner and the FT2000D goes into low power CW mode and TX’s a carrier to allow the Auto tuner to tune. When finished, the FT2000D goes back to the power level and mode previously set. Fabulous. Still has difficulty tuning my Carolina Windom CWS80 on 80M, but that’s the antenna’s fault not the Auto Tuner. All other bands are 1:1.

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